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How Much Would Free University Cost Uk

In October 2017, the Prime Minister Theresa May announced that tuition fees would be temporarily frozen at £9,250. In 2018, this temporary freeze remains in place and it is likely to be extended as a university funding review is carried out. The latter, which was launched by Theresa May, is being chaired by Philip Augar. Obviously, these costs vary per university and whether you study a medical degree or not. If we take the cost of tuition in isolation, this means the average degree will cost between £34,200 (US $42,300) and £203,676 (US $251,850) over three years.

This would be even more for a four-year course. It's difficult for us to give you an average figure as the cost can vary pretty wildly, depending on where you are. But there are some ways you can keep this down: University halls Private rentals Transport = £80 This will depend on the city you’re studying in, as well as how far from home you’ll be (and how often you plan to visit).

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